A webdesign agency
for a successful digital strategy



A company needs to improve the visual identity of its website that allows it to present its products and services. The best way to do this is to call upon an agency thathas enough expertise in the field and that is able to create interesting and efficient websites like Vison France for example. Here, we can design the graphic identity according to the type of each company. If the graphic design is done correctly, it has a great influence on SEO as well.

Graphic design,
the backbone of your
visual communication

Graphic design is essential to the success of a company’s visual communication, like the case of 6-textile-publicitaire.fr. In order for this to be done properly, it is necessary to respect the basic rules. The work can be done by a web agency or by a communication agency.

Creativity and ideas

When designing a website, creativity is essential. It is also necessary to rely on the type of the company. The creation of a sports site adapted to your needs to publicize and communicate its activities, requires the intervention of a good graphic designer. Most often, the graphic designer bases himself on the theme as well as the company’s need to make a custom-made realization. The ideas are numerous and are linked to the evolution of technology.

Motion design for the creation of a logotype

Motion design for the creation of a logotype that focuses on animation.

The Illustration

The Illustration: an idea that enhances the use of paper.

Packaging: to visually implement a product in order to encourage a sale.

Packaging: to visually implement a product in order to encourage a sale.

From mock-up
to print!

When printing brochures or flyers, always start by creating a mock-up. This has to be done according to certain regulations. First of all, the artwork must be saved on a file in a mode that is suitable for printing. Secondly, it must be created with the help of a professional image processing tool. Photoshop remains the most widely used application in this field.

Graphic design and logo creation

The graphic charter is essential for each website. It is a document that contains all the regulations for the use of a company’s graphic design. This includes colour codes, typography, etc. The logotype can also be affected by this. A logo, like a picture, is worth a thousand words. The logo defines the site, translates what it sells and attracts more people to the web. The graphic charter must be taken into account by each communication medium that helps to improve the visual identity.

Graphic design: layout

With graphic design, you can create flyers and brochures for your company’s communication. This also includes the creation of graphic design, editions, logotype and magazines.